How to watch Canadian tv online for free?

When on a trip outside the country, one misses the ongoing political, economic, or social events back home. Also during a lunch break, one may wish to watch a program as he takes the meal. The television networks in Canada have bandwidths active only within the country boundaries. Lucky enough, you can still enjoy your favorite shows, listen to the news, and be updated on the happenings. Below are some of the ways you can use to enjoy your local TV stations while abroad or when not near a television.

Streaming Live

The availability of World Wide Web services has made watching easy and hassle-free. With only a phone or a laptop, you can comfortably watch your favorite programs or listen to news bulleting as they get broadcasted. This method only requires a good internet connection and enough data to keep you going through the session. For you to access the streaming services, you need to know the website of various TV stations in Canada. Below is a list of Canada TV stations and their websites where you can stream as they broadcast.

CBC Television Network

This a Canadian-based TV station, which keeps citizens up to date by giving timely news and events as they unfold. Additionally, they broadcast business congregations as well as sporting events. You can stream by visiting their website

City TV

City TV is a privately owned television with stations based in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta. In case you need to listen to a news broadcast, you first need to select the area where you come from. They offer a variety of entertaining programs such as comedy, series, movies, and real TV shows. You can visit their website here

Global Television Network

The global television network is owned by Corus Entertainment and has a wider reach compared to City TV. Being a national television, it has thrilling shows and movies as well as captivating news. It is a home where all entertainment thirst gets quenched. They offer streaming services from their website

There are many other Canadian televisions you can watch online. They include; CTV, TVA, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, which operates in French, English, and other aboriginal languages, Great West Television, which is a regional TV, and Yes TV.

Watching videos on televisions website library

Most television stations store their videos on their website for the record and for viewers who missed and would wish to revisit a certain event or story. Almost all stations have this segment on the site, and they are readily available whenever one needs them.

Circumventing geoblocking

Most TV stations offer their services only to Canadians hence inaccessible from various countries for security or other confidential reasons. Whenever you visit the television’s site from a blocked country, the servers detect your IP address and prevents you from accessing the streaming services. However, you can circumvent through the firewalls by hiding your IP address or changing them with the help of a third party. They may give you programs to install or advise you to use private mode when visiting the site.


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