How to watch Chinese tv online for free?

In this day and age full of technology more people are finding new innovative ways to watch television. Even if you want to watch tv in Chinese, you can do this online for free. There are several websites available that will plug you directly into your favorite Chinese drama shows and more.

Baidu TV
One website and probably the most popular would be This Television series channel is actually going to plug you into the most movies because it is connected to the nations largest search engine. Kind of like our google. This would be a great option for somebody who wants to watch up to date television series for free online.

360 TV
Another option would be, which is a leading internet platform. With this particular site the user can control which channel or links to watch. Each link may have a better watching experience. is strictly a streaming website. This would be comparable to Netflix. You would just stream whatever movies you want to watch and you can pretty much choose what you want to see. This may not be the best option for those of you who want to watch the up to date shows. Also, the shows that this streaming program pulls its content from are Mainland China, South Korea, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand. If you live outside these regions you would need to take additional steps to watch this streaming program.

Tudou TV
Last but not least there is which is actually a video sharing website. This option shows television from all over the place including Eurpe. One cool feature of this watching program is that you can get this in an app version and watch television on your Mobil device.

In conclusion, there are several ways to watch Chinese TV online for free. I have mentioned a few but there are ven more out there. You can watch Chinese tv for free online, if you only know where to look. I hope this information has helped your search. Now go out and watch some television.


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