How to watch Ecuadorian tv online for free?

This article is meant to guide individuals who are traveling across the world on how they can watch Ecuador’s TV channels for free online. This guide will also highlight ways through which viewers may go around geo-restricted content on the online TV channels. allows an individual to watch recorded Ecuadorian television channels shows or listen to live radio stations. This website is accessible to anyone across the world provided they have an internet connection. Streaming Ecuadorian TV channels or radio stations from this website is free. This means that a client does not have to subscribe to watch a TV channel on their personal computer, laptop, or mobile phone.

Among the most popular Ecuadorian TV channels on the website include Telesucesos and Ecuador TV. Telesucesos is a general television channel which broadcasts in Spanish. On the other hand, Ecuador TV is a general television channel which is based in Quito. On the popular television stations include Ecuavisa, Teleamzaons, and RTU. Besides watching live or recorded TV shows, one may also choose to go through the movie library. As such, one may watch or download films from the website.

One online need to click on the name of the station which they want to watch and they are directed to the broadcaster’s website. They can also click the speed link to directly go to the media stream. It should be noted that it is not all stations which broadcast 24 hours per day. Additionally, there may be some restrictions on the content that they can watch or listen to depending on their geographical location.

Accessing geo-restricted content

There are many ways around regional restrictions on media content. Smart DNS is the best way to stream the Ecuadorian TV channels no matter where you are in the world. This works the same way as a VPN. Typically, a VPN is meant to encrypt a computer’s data. As such, the computer data is never at the risk of being exposed to government or hackers who may want to snoop.

While VPNs are effective tools in encrypting network data while streaming media, they may slow down the internet speed. This can cause buffering when the individual is streaming. However, Smart DNS operates on a different technology and therefore one does not experience the buffering problems.

Smart DNS masks the location of your computing devices. While VPNs support computers and laptops, Smart DNS supports even other devices including smartphones and Smart TV. This implies that you can enjoy your blocked content on your preferred device.

Basically, Smart DNS renames your computer. This means that when the Ecuadorian TV channels broadcasters check your IP address, they see you as a person from countries not restricted to view the content. Typically VPNs are free but Smart DNS cost about $3 – $5 dollars monthly. They are a new technology.

Another popular website that you can use to watch Ecuador’s TV channels online for free is This site provides a link to view Ecuador TV which was founded in 2007. This TV channel is a public service company which broadcasts opinion and news content. Additionally, it promotes and strengthens the social and cultural values, family, as well as citizen participation.


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