How to watch El Salvador tv online for free?

What is El Salvador?

El Salvador is a Spanish channel where all of the content is spoken in Spanish. El Salvador is based out of the country Republic of El Salvador, and the capitol San Salvador. It has been known to be the smallest but most populated country in Central America.

How to watch El Salvador television online for free?
Below are sites that allow you to watch El Salvador at NO COST:


These sites are live and have streaming capabilities which allow you to watch different channels.


Geo-blocking is a form of technological protection. It blocks people from watching certain content mostly from another country. Just like anything else there are ways to circumvent geo-blocking. Netflix, Hulu, and WWE are just a few names that use geo-blocking. The only way to bypass such restrictions is to mask or hide your IP address when trying to access that site.

El Salvador Popular Channels

Founded in 1984 the most popular channel in El Salvador is Canal 12. Here is a list of the top three popular channels in order from greatest to least.

**Canal 12
**Canal 17
**Canal 19

Most television networks are privately owned in this country.

Did you miss a show?

If you missed a show there are some sites that have video libraries where you can go back and watch episodes. Some of the channels are streamed for future view as well. allows you to go back and view previously showed footage along with a lot of other sites.

As you can see, there are ways that you can watch El Salvador television for free online. Whether its streaming or watching it live. If a show is missed because of work don’t worry. There are networks which allow you to watch previously recordings as well. Free television is always better than no television. Being able to watch your favorite channels at no cost to you is amazing.


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