How to watch Iranian tv online for free?

The Best Way To Watch Iranian TV Online For Free
As any avid television watcher knows, there are a bevvy of wonderful programs on many different channels all across the world, with each country and nation developing its own niche, whether that be in historical drama, like the Japanese, or in over-the-top comedies with heartfelt undertones, such as in India or the rising cinema and television industry of Iranian neo-realism which is ranked as some of the best in the world by many western cinema critics and film makers, such as Michael Hanake (Funny Games) and Werner Herzog (Aguirre, the Wrath of God). But sometimes it can be difficult to access TV stations from other foreign countries, especially since some countries block TV and internet access and keep it thoroughly regulated and contained, often to certain borders and boundaries.

This is particularly true in the case of Iranian television which, as previously stated, is in high and increasing demand the world over. But there are several different options for individuals who are looking to catch up on all the latest programming. Three of the best of these include:


One of the best websites for keeping up with Iranian television is the last entry on our list, a massive site known as TV Tube. TV Tube is not a Iranian specific website, but rather a live streaming service which features televised content from all around the world, a whole page category of which is dedicated to Iran in particular.

The service is completely free and contains recorded Iranian television content in addition to live streams of currently broadcast programming. One of the best things about TV Tube is that every genre and niche is neatly and cleanly cataloged, whether that be Weather, Webcasts, News, Kids Shows or Entertainment, simply clicking on the left-most genre navigator will instantly take you to the type of programming you are looking for. One of the most prominently featured television stations for Iran on TV Tube is the well known (at least to Middle Eastern audiences) Farsi 1 Channel, a Persian language, free to watch outlet with a bevvy of American-centered content, which has grown to become the single most popular channel in all of Iran.


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