How to watch US/American tv online for free?

Want to watch U.S television series but don’t have access to cable or live in a different country. Don’t worry about it. You can find several websites that let you watch your favorite American T.V episodes online. Watch everything from Game of Thrones to Empire from the comfort of your home. Or watch it at any location as long as your laptop or tablet has a wi-fi connection.

DaileyMotion is a website offers entertainment with several channels. Users can also upload content to the website and some of the uploaded content are episodes from popular U.S television series. Viewers can sign in for free and watch television episodes online from a desktop. Dailymotion users also have the option to download the app for ios and android devices to access the feature to watch offline. is a website that has links to hundreds of television series episodes. If you want to find where you can watch the latest episode of Arrow or another television show go on the website and all series are classified alphabetically. Find the television show that you want to watch and click on one of the links provided to see your episode. Episodes can also be found by clicking on the tab for the latest episode, this month, 24 hours, or the last 90 days. This will help refine your search and you will find the episode you want to watch faster. is a little different from the other two websites in that it gives you access to television episodes as well as movies and anime. The quality of the content may vary. T.v episodes and movies can have either of two labels cam or HD. The content with the cam label has been recorded by someone handheld video camera. The quality of content labeled cam will be much lower than the content labeled HD.

Extra Info

These website hosts or have links to the most popular U.S television episodes. Most of the episodes are listed alphabetically or can be found through the search bar. If you miss an episode just search for it and you can view it. Only Dailymotion requires you to sign up for a free account.


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