How to watch Vietnamese tv online for free?

When a native leaves Vietnam, they might get sick for the old country. One way to see what is going on in their home country is by watching TV and thanks to the Internet, there are a number of ways that they can watch their local TV even if they are really far from the country.

There are a number of Vietnamese channels that person can watch online for free and these are some of them:

  • -InfoTV (VCTC 9)(an financial news channel broadcasted by Vietnam Cable Television) (iHyperlink)
  • -Hanoi Radio Televiion (HTV) (pablic TV and radio network located in Hanoi) (Hyperlink )
  • -HGTV (a local TV station located in Vi Thanh) ( Hyperlink )
  • -THVL (Vinhlong TV) (local TV statation based in Vinh Long) (Hyperlink )
  • -VTC (Vietnam Multimedia Corporation) (Vietnam Television Corporation) (watch webcasts on the main page of their website) (Hyperlink )
  • -QTV (local TV station located in Ha Long) (Hyperlink )
  • -VBS Television (Vietnamese Broadcasting Service) (an entertainment TV station that is meant for communities of Vietnamese in Canada and US) (located in Orange County, California) (Hyperlink)
  • -VNITY (An Intenet TV station in Vietnamese that is located in California) (Hyperlink )

All the ones above are broadcast live

A person can easily find their website for the one above by googling for them.
The most comprehensive list of Vietnamese networks or channels that you can watch for free at the Squid TV website or ( They show all the channels that are in all parts of Vietnam. StreamingThe.Net lists about 44 channels. Squid TV is even comprehensive and is hard to even estimate how many channels that it lists.

Another way to watch Vietnames TV is by buying a device called TVPAD or now know as TVPAD4. It shows streaming video by using your home internet connection and you can connect it to your TV by a HDMI cable.
A person can watch the following Vietnameese TV channels, using this device:

  • SCTV9
  • VTV4
  • VTV3
  • THVL1
  • VTV1
  • BBC
  • CNN


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